Tree hugging in Tulum, Mexico

Welcome to my blog. I am a writer who works in the corporate world and enjoys hugging trees. I live in New York, and make it a point to hug as many trees as I can, whether in my backyard or on my travels. I created this blog to reinvent the word “tree hugger”. Often times, it is used dismissively and in a negative light, and I find it unfair. Tree huggers are not some rare kind of species to be looked down upon-¬†they are everywhere, within your family, in your circle of friends, in your work place, and in your neighborhood. They wear suits, saris, dresses, dhotis, birkenstocks, and even stilettos. Most of all, they have respect for all things natural. They care for mother Earth. They like to lead green lives. Here, you will find them all- from all corners of the world.


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