Location: Morialta Conservation Park in Adelaide, South Australia

I am crazy to be a wildlife TV presenter or a travel host. I have done three shows for India’s Doordharshan so far. One on ”Save Tigers and Save Environment” with Gurbaz Singh, chief wildlife warden and Indian forest officer in Chandigarh, Punjab. Second, I did a show on Japan earthquakes with expert geologist Dr. Arun Deep Ahluwalia. Third one was a personal interview with a regional artist of Rajasthan ”Bhola Panchee”. It was a great experience.

Nature and wildlife  have always attracted me from my childhood days. Ropar, my home town is situated by river, Satluj which is considered as very sacred and ethereal. I had my childhood days playing on its banks. The river is covered with immense flora and fauna. I just love its beauty. It’s like my second mother. Now it’s severely polluted. I am worried for it. I want to start a volunteer group for its cleaning, but the problem is that volunteer-ism still lacks in India.  

I love traveling overseas. I got a chance to visit Australia last year where I met koalas and kangaroos among other animals. I even got an opportunity to do a shoot in Australia’s Gold Coast, with international director Sharon Lynne with TV Pro Global Company. I met koalas and kangaroos in two places-a conservation ark in Brisbane and Adelaide Zoo. The cute koala in the picture above is named Peter. I still remember his eyes.

Sukhin Chawla is a 24 year old Geology graduate who is a TV Presenter in Doordharshan in India. She has completed her journalism course last month and is pursuing her dual masters in English Literature and Agribusiness from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She will be doing her last two semesters at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Sukhin loves dogs and has a special interest in saving tigers. She wants to build a tiger sanctuary in the future. She believes that anything is possible if “we have trust and faith in ourselves”.